What’s Hathi?

We love craft beer. It’s that simple. Our passion was forged by a bold desire to continue the craft tradition. This involves innovation and creativity that transcends both flavour and culture. That’s Hathi (pronounced Hah-tee), the Punjabi/Hindu word for the wise elephant. We want our hand-crafted brews to take you on a sensory journey, leading you through our unique process via taste and smell. Go ahead. Experience bold, local, craft, with an Indian twist.

We became huge fans of craft beer a few years back. It was about more than just the beer. It was about the art, the culture, the community and how it all came together. Now as we start our brewery this has never been more true. The support and feedback we have received from other breweries is like no other industry. The craft beer community looks at new breweries as a welcome and positive addition to the craft beer movement. The people are genuine and passionate about what they do, and it shows in what they produce. For us, at Hathi Brewing, this is more about what we can do for the community. We want to provide a place where people gather with the ones they love and care about, have a good time and make memories, we just happen to serve beer at that same location. We care about the city we work, live and play in. We care about a lot of the same things other people in the community care about and we want to build on that.

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